/Meet the team

  • Aditi Sodhi

    / Strategic Planner


    The agency glam-o-meter climbs several notches the moment Aditi walks in every morning. It’s been 5 years since she last graced our corridors (yes, quite a few of our ex-employees return to the nest) and boy are we glad she came back. Overseeing clients across dozens of countries, she often has to deal with situations that would frazzle even the bravest souls, yet you’ll never see so much as a hair out of place. Her well-manicured hands have also typed a best-selling novel. But perhaps her greatest creation is her young daughter.  When she’s not at the office, you’ll find her shopping for Gucci, eating shushi or jetting off to yet another exotic destination (having given the paparazzi the slip).

  • Ajay Balan

    /Senior Account Manager


    Digital Account Manager Ajay is fresh from Mumbai and the lean mean fighting machine in the heart of the account handling department. By day, he’s passionate about all things digital, from the right apps to the right sites to the right gadgets, but reserves his gentle, dulcet tones for coaxing designers into getting the work done on time. After work he can be found beefing up in the Gym and watching action movies. Even his dog is built like Chuck Norris, (a pedigree boxer who he regularly Skypes, along with his very patient Fiancé, who incidentally is not a dog-fan… yet).

  • Akbar Ali

    /Administration Assistant


    A man with the friendliest disposition you could think of, Akbar has been Promoseven 360’s go-to guy for just about anything and everything for over 17 years. Joining us all the way from Madras, Akbar departed his hometown in India with one goal in mind; to take care of his loving family. You can usually finding him darting between the 5th and 6th floor, chasing designers & deadlines and making sure everything is going as smoothly as possible. This man is one of the integral cogs in our well-oiled machine. When he’s not deep-sea fishing or sat at his local Indian grabbing a Chicken, Mutton & Fish curry (yes, all three) you’ll find him alongside the beach; having a brisk walk and generally thinking about life.

  • Ali Moussa

    /Finished Artist


    A master of the mouse – and even better with the pen tablet - our Finished Artist Ali has always done what he loves (and it doesn’t look like his passion for the craft will waver any time soon). After a decision to relocate to Dubai in pursuit of greener pastures, Ali joined Promoseven 360 seven years ago and has been providing the agency with world-class quality work ever since. When he does manage to pry himself away from his swivel desk chair, Ali can be found at the base of a barbeque frying up some chicken – with playing cards in one hand and a cold drink in the other.

  • Arun Kumar Krishnan

    /Regional IT Controller


    Distressed staff have been saved from many sticky keyboards and distressing hardware thanks to this man. Without Arun, we would probably be sitting idly at our desks, while continually pressing ‘Control + Alt + Delete’ in the hopes that our wonderful machines would ‘Just F*@#ing WORK!”. A man who loves what he does, Arun is a lover of Dubai’s multicultural society, as he feels that it exudes that ‘close to home’ feel. A dedicated employee for over a decade, Arun has a key skill that seems to evade the majority when in a crisis – to focus on the task at hand. A veteran of Dubai ever since he can remember, Arun enjoys his time off passing down knowledge and wisdom to his beautiful children or catching up on his latest favorite series (right now it’s Silicon Valley… not really a shock).

  • Charaf Eddine Mounaim

    /Senior Account Executive


    If it's on the web (and about Chennai Jewellery), chances are that Charaf knows a thing or two about it. Managing our clients' web and non-web media expectations keep Charaf happily entangled. Then, he loosens up with video games, movies and Couscous, his favourite food. Charaf grew up in Morocco, before his start-up millionaire dreams lured him to the UAE. Sadly, his first year in the country kept him busy trying to get a driving licence – his greatest struggle ever. But the same can't be said about designing marketing campaigns – now that's stuff that fuels his fire.

  • Dominic Gonsalves

    /Digital Art Director


    Uber-relaxed, and probably one of the most easygoing Art Directors you’re ever likely to have the pleasure of meeting, Dom’s extreme chilled-out-ness is a product of growing up on the beaches of Goa, surrounded by hippies and very, very good Rock Music. But don’t be fooled by his relaxed demeanor. Dom is passionate about clever digital communications that work. With a tattoo at the age of 11, a football addiction that plays havoc with his knees, Dom works like a fiend and loves filling his brain. In 10 years time we’ll find him the very happy proprietor of Goa’s ultimate beach-boutique destination, with an adjacent football pitch and King’s Beer on tap.

  • Duaa Abzeed

    /Art Director


    Duaa is a man in love… with art and art direction. In fact, he never stops thinking about art and how it can enhance communication. Take him out to lunch, and before he decides what to eat, he’ll be commenting on the quality of the menu design. Go on a shopping spree with him, and instead of looking at the latest pair of trainers, he’ll be trying to guess the typefaces of every poster he sees. Hailing from the centre of old Damascus, Duaa has been living his passion for art for 11 years and has worked on an incredible array of brands in both the UAE and Syria. His attention to detail, and commitment to excellence has earned him a number of awards. It also makes him an inspiration to work with. I just wouldn’t want to be the guy he hires to paint his house.

  • Erinna Rivera

    /Art Director


    Erinna makes her home at the intersection of creative ingenuity and hair colour innovation. But she surprises everyone with her designs as much as she does with her bold hues. Outside of work, Erinna dabbles in beach sports, ping pong, hot pot and telling jokes. But not necessarily at the same time. Easily the quintessence of cool, calm and clever, Erinna is a critical piece of our creative puzzle. For her, every pixel presents an opportunity to raise our clients' standards, be it a print ad or an emailer. But check the colour of her hair before you approach her.

  • Hisham Al Droubi

    /Senior Account Manager


    With a killer smile and soft-spoken manner, you'll be excused for picturing Hisham as a Secretary. But in fact, he did serve as one in his cousin's company, early on in his career. Then, a challenge of more epic proportions came calling. Hold your breath… a gaming café where he mastered Counter-Strike. Bang! How Hisham wound up in advertising is still a mystery to us all. But no complaints. He's a bundle of fun & laughter, and gives the warmest hugs. Hisham is happiest on the beach with a generous helping of vine leaves stuffed with rice & meat. Or on the dance floor, rolling his hips to Arabic music.

  • Joanita Colaco



    As we all solemnly stroll through the office doors at 9:01 in the morning, we’re greeted by a friendly face that consistently seems to turn our frowns upside down. After arriving in Dubai, Joanita soon realized that this city was the place for her – immediately immersing herself into the relaxed and luxurious lifestyle. Blessed with a sunny disposition, Joanita loves meeting and associating with various groups of people – making her a prime candidate to be the ‘face’ of the Promoseven 360 headquarters. When she’s not out exercising, tearing through shopping malls or belting out Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ (she’s actually pretty good|), you can find Joanita taking a brisk walk on the sandy shores of the Dubai coastline and taking in the views.

  • Judy Batang



    This quiet, softly-spoken lady wields a lot of power in her delicate hands – she holds the key to our finances. However, she has a dark side. When not furiously crunching numbers and spreadsheets, she can be found up on stage belting out the latest karaoke tunes like Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On. Although she misses her family in Manila, she enjoys dealing with different people and cultures at our agency… although it’s not quite as exciting as one of her previous job – Executive Secretary to the President. Now that’s a great dinner story for a lady who loves dining out.

  • Justin Jose

    /Business Technology Director


    A human cocktail blending business smarts and electronic intelligence, Justin is our guy on the fence – splitting his time between nurturing the needs of the business and keeping up with the boys in IT. Being with Promoseven 360 for over 9 years, Justin’s describes his job as ‘two days never being the same’. He masters the art of staying calm through a simple cup of coffee and ancient breathing techniques. When the computers are finally switched off and the business books are carefully placed back on their respective shelves, Justin heads downstairs, jumps into his SUV and can later be found cruising around the city – soaking in the silence of the bustling traffic. Or… at your nearest watering hole.

  • Kamal Eldin Hassan Salih

    /Arabic Group Head


    Within Kamal’s large and imposing frame, resides the heart of an inquisitive child. He loves to look at the world with fresh eyes, which provides him with the inspiration to express himself in his writing and in turn impress clients. Never one to shy away from hard work (Kamal once stayed up for 2 nights and 3 days on an urgent job for one of his Omani clients) he nevertheless loves to relax by watching football, or firing up the barbecue for friends and family. Born in Sudan with brief stints in Egypt, Yemen and Oman, he has finally settled down with us in Dubai. And we’re delighted to have him.

  • Kutaiba Haddad

    /Finished Artist


    Kutaiba is a dreamer, in more ways than one. Firstly he loves to dream up new visual ideas, concepts and lay-outs. In fact, you might bump into him late at night on the beach, watching the ocean for inspiration. But he also loves to dream, literally. When not chained to his desk, working late, he can be found curled up in bed, sleeping late. Hailing from Aleppo in Syria, Kutaiba has been in the UAE for seven years, almost all of which he has spent with us, working his way up from Junior Finished Artist to Graphic Designer. With his skills, passion and determination, the sky is the limit for Kut Kut as he is affectionately known by all.

  • Lizelle Terblanche

    /HR Manager


    Lizelle is mad about the desert. Yep, you read right. That’s desert, not dessert. Our very own Lara Croft enjoys nothing more than the adventure of the great outdoors and getting away from people. That’s why, when she’s not solving other people’s problems at work, you can find her out hiking or amongst the dunes in a 4x4.  Just to prove that she’s anything but one-dimensional, she is also a big fan of coloured pens and Bugs Bunny. Having studied Labour Law in South Africa and worked as an HR consultant in Cape Town, she moved to Dubai in 2008 to be closer to her beloved desert.

  • Mark Shadwell

    /Executive Creative Director


    Creative Director Mr Mark Shadwell, also known as ”The Saint”, is your Go-To for a complete campaign in 20 minutes, a rant about the state of the kitchen or a discussion about obscure music nobody’s heard of. He writes cracking ads in his sleep, short stories when he can, and shamelessly uses his six year old daughter as his personal Creative Director (unpaid). Mark’s office is a revolving door through which sad faces go in and calm ones drift out. A Cape Town native, Mark arrived in Dubai via Australia, the UK and Hong Kong. He hates meetings but seems to be in them for most of the day, and would much rather be reading a good book on a good beach.

  • Mo Atheshamoddin

    /Account Director


    Mo’s beloved Jeep has already done 150,000 kilometres and he’s only had it a few months. That’s because he loves nothing more than getting behind the wheel and hitting the open road. He does it for fun, for inspiration and to get him to the shooting range where he knocks clay pigeons out of the sky with consummate ease. It’s his perfect formula for letting off steam after another grueling week at the office. And when it comes to formulas Mo knows what he’s talking about. He is a qualified chemist, but switched to advertising because he thought It would be more fun. Which by all accounts he’s still having. Oh, and he also loves Yemeni food. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if he drove down to Sana’a one weekend for a bite to eat.

  • Rajeev Budhiraja



    A Collector of fine art and loyal people, for the last 22 years Rajeev has gathered the whole bunch of us from the top down. His policy is All-Hands-On-Deck, allowing everyone to grow to their ability, and it’s this practice of ‘If-You-can, Do,’ that has allowed many Promoseven 360-ers to rise through the ranks with a level of loyalty unheard of in agencies throughout the Middle East. Rajeev found his way to Dubai via Mumbai, Cambridge and Bahrain, with stints as a waiter in a Greek Restaurant and an Article Clerk in a Solicitors office. Strategist, Cambridge Grad and Godfather Fan, Rajeev is passionate about communication that works.

  • Riddhi Harrita

    /Senior Account executive


    Quiet, unassuming, but with the unique skill to get all her work done, Riddhi was made for advertising. Her weekends are about chilling with friends. But during the week, she goes about her stuff like clockwork. Our gain is a loss to the world of engineering, a field she rigorously trained for. Riddhi's arrival set off a flurry of guessing games. At first glance her dusky looks, unflappable demeanour and fondness for Maggi noodles (only the Indian variety) would suggest that she hails from the Indian sub-continent. But every notion is invariably laid to rest when she whips out her Indonesian passport.

  • Sheila Bedi

    /Creative Group Head


    Unflappable, unstoppable and somewhat un-tech savvy, Sheila is chiefly responsible for leading creative briefs, delivering compelling campaigns and turning around the fortunes of the rapidly-declining tobacco industry. During her younger years, Sheila trounced four menacing men at a beer drinking contest. Since then, she's been in a fluid state of creative mojo that has inspired her body of work across London, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, India and Dubai. Beyond work, Sheila's a trained master embroiderer, cat lover, movie buff and a fine exponent of the art of sleep. That explains how she struggles to get to work at 9am.

  • Sheldon Serrao

    /Senior Copywriter


    If you like Hindi soap operas, chances are you've read the work of Sheldon Serrao, our new senior word guy. That's because, before joining the exciting world of advertising, he used to write subtitles for TV shows in India. A man with an intense dislike of dentists and typos, Sheldon lists among his many interests, family, football and food…. and obviously a love of alliteration. When he's not running behind his twin boys, he can be found chasing deadlines or jotting down award-winning ideas in his little black book. At least that's what he says – no one has yet been able to take a look inside.

  • Subramanian Ramaswamy

    /Finance Manager


    The number crunching side of our business rests with Subbu. He efficiently manages the company's fiscal health, which means, we can focus on client objectives (phew). Originally from Chennai, Subbu honed his skills across the length and breadth of India, before settling down in Dubai in 2010. (Boy, are we thankful). For Subbu, no financial challenge is too tall. No mathematical mountain is too high. In fact, against his 6"2 frame, nothing really stands a chance. But try swaying him with rice & rasam, his all-time favourite food. And if Team India has just snatched a win in cricket (unlikely), it's your best chance to get estimates signed off.

  • Sucharita Bose

    /Digital Designer


    Designing graphic-heavy websites and developing e-learning courses may sound like complex work. But to a digital design ninja like Sucharita (or Suchi to keep it simple), it's a well-rounded breakfast. In fact, food definitely helps Suchi retain her sanity outside of work. But that's not all. She's an avid traveller, mystery solver and hold your breath, horror movie buff. At work, she's on her feet the whole time. And nothing really changes when she's out. The Dubai Women's 5km, Standard Chartered 10km and the Sandstorm Marmoum (Obstacle Run) provide ample evidence that Suchi's on the road to greatness.

  • Venkateswaran Ananthan

    /Assistant Operations Manager


    Softly spoken Venkat is a Mumbai man, through and through. He’s someone who has truly risen through the ranks. From humble beginnings he is now the Assistant Operations Manager of one of the most successful agencies in Dubai. Of course, he’s the last one to blow his own trumpet, but he’s also the first one to tell you to do your timesheets! A huge (Amitab) fan.

  • Zak Mckinven

    /Managing Director


    When Zak joined us, we had to raise the bar. Quite literally. At 6"2, he's head and shoulders above us all (which makes Ajay want the earth to swallow him). Zak has a talent for sport, especially football, tennis and golf. It's hardly a surprise though, given that he comes from an illustrious footballing family. Recently, Zak took on 20+ obstacles across 10km in the searing heat. He also once plunged 12,000 feet from an aeroplane. That's when we figured it's going to be a struggle to keep hold of him. Especially with Bond film-makers on the hunt for an all-action blue-eyed Scott to take the franchise forward.

  • Our Values

    1. Promoseven 360 - we're like one big (yes, even happy) family. That's why we like to think of our values as our family bond.
    2. In this family there are no egos – we work together to get the job done.
    3. We tackle problems head on and never pass the buck. We always find a way.
    4. We sometimes argue, just like families do. But we never lose our cool.
    5. We accept that mistakes happen, but we learn from those mistakes and move on.
    6. We are deeply curious about our clients, their business and how to make them better.
    7. We look after our clients' needs, when they ask us and even when they don't. They are family too.
    8. We're full of passion for what we do and we're proud of what we produce.
    9. We're full of ingenuity. That's why we do what we do in new, better and sometimes unexpected ways.
  • Our Purpose

    Engaging with customers 360° to grow businesses 365

  • Management Team

    The Management Team meets weekly to ensure job satisfaction and continual improvement of our team.

  • Townhall meetings

    Twice a year we all get together to get a full update on our business from the Management Team.

  • Monthly breakfast

    We share news, work updates and a hearty breakfast on the last Thursday of every month.

  • Employee happiness survey

    We take the pulse of the agency through one-on-one interviews with employees every year.

  • Suggestion box

    Because ideas happen. Anywhere, any time. They shouldn't slip through the cracks.

  • Induction

    Each new employee goes through a complete induction program. There's even a Welcome Basket.

  • Training Calendar

    We compile an annual training calendar for all our staff providing an average of 3.4 training courses per employee.

  • Passport for growth

    Knowing more means we do better. That's why we keep a personal training course record.

  • Staff parties

    Be it festive occasions or our annual parties, we just need an excuse to celebrate.

  • Director's Chair

    Every month, one hero rises above all and stakes claim to this much-coveted throne.